Meeting Room Solutions: Empowering Collaboration in Modern Workspaces

ISDM Solutions is where cutting-edge audio-visual technology unites with bespoke meeting room solutions crafted to elevate your business collaboration. In the ever-evolving landscape of today’s workplace, we recognise the critical importance of crafting meeting spaces that seamlessly blend with your physical and remote working goals. Discover the advantages of our expertise in meeting room solutions, hybrid meeting room solutions, and collaboration tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Designing Your Future-Ready Workplace

Transforming Ideas into Reality

Turn your vision of the ideal digital workplace into reality with ISDM Solutions. Our team collaborates with you to design, build, manage, and monitor meeting room and collaboration technology solutions that attract and retain talent, improve efficiency, and boost video adoption and productivity.

Standardised, Simplified, and Scalable

Our goal is to standardise, simplify, and scale your meeting solutions, making them serviceable and secure. ISDM Solutions provides video meeting adoption and training plans, establishing technology standards for activity-based work areas that foster team collaboration.

Interoperability for Digital Workplace Strategy

ISDM Solutions understands the importance of interoperability in your digital workplace strategy. We specialise in building video conferencing meeting rooms, activity-based workspaces, and remote work virtual meeting spaces that seamlessly integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and legacy video systems.

Empowering Collaboration in Modern Workspaces

Huddle Room

Discover the ideal collaboration solution designed for compact meeting spaces with our huddle room solutions.

Tailored for gatherings of 2-4 users, our innovative conferencing devices feature wide-angle lenses and built-in speakerphones, maximising the efficiency of these intimate meeting environments.

Experience seamless communication and productivity in small spaces with our diverse range of meeting room solutions.

An example of ISDM's Av solutions, showing a complete audio-visual set-up in a small boardroom.

Medium Meeting Room

Elevate your team meetings with our collaboration and meeting room solutions designed for medium-sized meeting rooms accommodating up to 6 attendees.

Tailored for the dynamics of modern teams, these solutions are ideal for both in-office and hybrid/remote work scenarios.

Each room is meticulously crafted to address specific business requirements and seamlessly integrates with in-house systems, ensuring a bespoke and efficient meeting experience.

Conference Room

Crafted with user-centric design principles, our collaboration solution ensures an optimal meeting experience.

The room is strategically aligned with your business’s chosen video strategy, whether it’s MS Teams, Zoom, or Webex.

Our solutions can be created to be intuitive and consistent across all rooms.

Experience a meeting and collaboration solution that puts users first and aligns effortlessly with your business’s communication needs.

ISDM Meeting Room Solutions
An image showing an audio visual system in place in a large boardroom



The boardroom holds a special significance as the pinnacle meeting space traditionally reserved for C-level executives.

While accommodating a larger number of users than standard meeting rooms, it is paramount to ensure a consistent experience across all meeting spaces.

Strive for a seamless and bespoke solution that aligns with the CEO’s needs while maintaining a uniform and exceptional meeting environment across the board.

An example of ISDM's Av solutions, showing a complete audio-visual set-up in a small boardroom.

Unleashing Technological Excellence

Leading Technology Partnerships

ISDM Solutions collaborates with industry leaders to bring you the latest in meeting room technology. Our partnerships with Cisco, Microsoft, Poly, and Zoom, among others, empower you to build or upgrade cloud-based and networked AV video conferencing meeting rooms with confidence.

Expert Design and Implementation

Our design and engineering teams are dedicated to understanding your existing unified communications, meeting room and collaboration technology. We address critical aspects such as capacity planning, network bandwidth, security, and governance, ensuring seamless integration with preferred video meeting platforms like Cisco Webex Meetings, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom Rooms and more.

Why should you integrate Collaboration Solutions?

Collaboration is essential to any successful business, as it allows individuals and teams to work together to achieve common goals. At ISDM Solutions, we offer a range of collaboration services to help businesses optimise their teamwork and communication.

Our collaboration services include software solutions that enable team members to work together on projects in real-time. We also offer communication tools that allow teams to stay connected and collaborate regardless of their location

ISDM Huddle room
ISDM Collaboration room

In addition to software solutions, we provide consultation services to help you identify areas where collaboration can be improved within your organisation. Our team will work with you to develop a customised strategy that meets your specific needs and goals. We also offer training services to ensure that your team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to make the most of these collaboration tools.

At ISDM Solutions, we understand that effective collaboration is crucial to the success of any business. That’s why we offer comprehensive collaboration services to help you optimise your team’s performance and achieve your business objectives.

Collaboration solutions can benefit businesses in a number of ways, both now and in the future. Some of the main benefits include:

Improved communication: Collaboration solutions can help facilitate communication between employees, clients, and stakeholders, regardless of location. This can be especially useful for companies with a dispersed workforce, as it allows for real-time collaboration and decision-making.

Enhanced productivity: Collaboration solutions can help streamline communication and decision-making processes, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Better customer experience: Collaboration solutions can improve the customer experience by enabling businesses to deliver high-quality, engaging presentations and demonstrations.

Cost savings: Collaborative AV solutions can help businesses save money on travel costs, as they allow employees to participate in meetings and events remotely.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing for Collaboration Solutions

Whether your business is at the start of its collaboration journey, or you are looking to upgrade a legacy on-premise system to a modern cloud based system, ISDM recommend finding a user centric solution.

You may be looking at the latest Webex Devices, Zoom rooms or Microsoft Teams Rooms. Whichever vendor you are considering ISDM can provide guidance that will ensure you are selecting the right equipment for your business

The world is embracing remote work. Are your meeting spaces equipped to provide an intuitive, reliable, hybrid methodology?

Our Video Conferencing Offer

Our Video Conferencing Offer

When it comes to picking the right video conferencing solution for you, there’s no right or wrong. Want to transform existing space into a huddle room, meeting room, boardroom or interactive room?

Embrace the Hybrid Workplace

In recent years the average employee has seen a major increase in the number of video conferences they attend. Zoom, Webex and MS Teams are familiar systems now with users adopting a variety of feature rich video clients while working from home. It is now essential that a company’s meeting room technologies are not left behind, users expect that same feature rich experience when working from the office.

A animation of two Microsoft teams rooms connecting, with red animated characters in each room, with lines to show the connection through the Microsoft collaboration equipment in each room, made up by screens mounted to the wall, control panel, laptops, microphones and speakers

Learn how these types of rooms can facilitate engaging, interactive meetings:

A huddle room is a collaboration solution for small meeting spaces, typically targeting 2-4 users. There are now a wide range of conferencing devices with wide angle lenses and built-in speaker phones able to make the most of these small spaces.

ISDM Huddle room

Collaboration solutions for medium meeting rooms cater to up to 6 attendees, perfect for team meetings with a mixture of in-office and hybrid/remote workers. Each room is bespoke, catering for specific business needs and in-house systems.

Shiseido - ISDM Medium Meeting Room

A good collaboration solution is designed with the users in mind. The room should primarily support the business’ chosen video strategy (MS Teams, Zoom, Webex) but also take into consideration any other connections the users may need. The presentation solution should be informed by the types of devices provided to the users. The interface should be intuitive and consistent across all rooms.

ISDM collaboration Room

The boardroom is the flagship meeting space, traditionally reserved for C level executives. While it can be expected that the boardroom may need to seat more users than a standard meeting room, it is essential that the experience is the same across all meeting rooms. A more bespoke collaboration solution may be required to fulfil the CEO’s requirements, but this should not come at the cost of the user experience.

ISDM Boardrooms

Collaboration Solutions to empower meeting equality

Collaboration Solutions to empower meeting equality ISDM’s Collaboration and Audio Visual Solutions aim is to empower meeting equality in the hybrid workplace, giving all users the same experience from anywhere.

In todays modern workforce, the meetings will usually be comprised of both in-office and remote participants; providing meeting equality for all participants should be the aim of any collaboration and AV Solution. Lack of meeting equality can cause reduced employee engagement and lost productivity.

However, with the correct collaboration and AV solution technology, the ideal meeting solution would make all participants feel like they are sitting in the same room.

For more information, read our blog on meeting equality here

Young man having Zoom video call via a computer in the home office. Stay at home and work from home concept during Coronavirus pandemic.


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An image showing an audio visual system in place in a large boardroom

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An example of ISDM's Av solutions, showing a complete audio-visual set-up in a small boardroom.

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