Smart Building Management Solutions

Smart Building Management Solutions are a set of technologies and services used to optimise the operations and performance of a building.

These solutions use advanced technologies and building automation systems to gather data from various building systems and devices and then use that data to make informed decisions about how to optimise the building’s performance.

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Space Management

Space management has always been important for real estate and facility management. However, with the mass integration of hybrid working, space management has become more critical in corporate strategy. Creating a good work experience has become a priority as the need to attract and retain talented employees increases.

Most companies are now adopting a hybrid working model, which means employees are partly in the office and partly at home; because of this, space management is becoming a hot topic recently.

What is Space Management?

Space management is assessing, tracking and managing a company’s physical space and assets, such as floor planning, room, desk and occupancy management, even down to the air quality within the workspace. Space Management allows the allocation and optimisation of space for different activities and functions.

Space management enables a company to continually optimise the workspace available, allowing them to utilise an underused meeting room, workspace, or desk.

Effective space management can help organisations to use their physical space more efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

Benefits of Space Management

Space Management empowers companies to:

Space management software allows organisations to track and manage their physical space and assets; some of the current space management software will even enable companies to monitor the air quality within the workspace.

Proper space management software can help create a great workspace experience alongside the reduction in real estate costs.

Smart Office Solutions

Building on the latest smart building technologies and innovations, we partner with the best companies to provide stand-alone or integrated intelligent building solutions. Leveraging the power of IoT and our know-how, we design smart building solutions that help you optimise efficiency and operational processes to make your workplaces more connected and responsive than ever before.

We are committed to working with you, designing a tailor-made solution that helps your business’ future. ISDM’s innovative workplace and building technology solutions are helping organisations create modern, futureproofed buildings, taking our customers another step on the road to Net Zero.

Smart Office Solutions

Room Booking panels
Large open workspace with conference and collaboration technology

Building Management Solutions

The hybrid workplace has arrived, and it has never been more important to understand how your office space is being used. Users expect to be able to access the same collaboration features that they are used to experiencing when working from home, whether working from a hot desk or a meeting room. Companies need to build an environment that makes users want to come into the office.

Fortunately, building management has never been easier. Manage all of your meeting rooms, visitor access and asset monitoring within a dynamic meeting building management system. Gain priceless insight into room usage, productivity, and utilisation. Enjoy the scalable benefits of cloud-based management tools that allow your facilities to be managed more efficiently.