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Established in 2011, Zoom has grown into a true pillar of the video conferencing industry, allowing organisations to collaborate seamlessly through high-quality video and seamless integration.

Our team of video collaboration experts will select, configure and support enterprise-level hardware and software solutions for Zoom. From selecting the right software package to installing and configuring hardware, ISDM is there throughout every step of the process to allow your business to benefit from everything Zoom has to offer.


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High Quality Audio & Video

Zoom combines crystal-clear video with crisp-quality audio, even when conferencing with limited bandwidth. This allows for an engaging and immersive video conferencing experience, adding a personal touch to your virtual meetings and minimising disruption.

An Intuitive User Interface

Zoom’s user interface is simple and intuitive, with participant controls and collaboration tools available at the click of a button. By combining sophisticated collaboration tools with an easy-to-use platform, Zoom allows for maximum productivity with minimal technical setup or disruption, allowing your team to accomplish more.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Zoom is functional across all of your devices and operating systems, meaning your team members or clientele are able to leverage the benefits of Zoom from a device of their choice. Zoom works around the requirements of your team, rather than your team having to work around the requirements of Zoom.

No matter which device you join from, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the same seamless experience that Zoom is known for.


Aside from being one of the most feature-rich and comprehensive video conferencing solutions on offer, it’s also one of the most affordable.

Zoom’s tiered pricing packages start with a basic (but comprehensive) free version, scaling up to a $400 annual subscription for large organisations. With the ability for unmatched collaboration and maximum productivity, you’re certain to obtain an excellent return on investment from your Zoom subscription.

Full Scalability

System scalability is vital for many organisations, especially smaller enterprises with the upcoming prospect of rapid growth. The last thing you want to do is invest in digital infrastructure that you’ll quickly outgrow.

Zoom is designed with scalability in mind. Upgrade or downgrade your plan at the click of a button according to the evolving needs of your business, be it your collaboration requirements or simply the growth of your team.

With multiple tiers available, you can ensure you’re only paying for exactly what your business requires at any one point in time, effectively managing your overhead.

Zoom For Business Offering

Bespoke Zoom Room Solutions

Zoom Rooms serve as a hallmark feature of the Zoom product, allowing in-person teams to collaborate seamlessly with remote participants, such as home-based employees or clients. This is achieved through the use of a well-equipped huddle or meeting room combined with a suitably-tiered software package. 

Here at ISDM, we’re committed to equipping businesses of all sizes with video collaboration solutions that drive productivity and streamline collaboration.

Leveraging our close relationships with manufacturers combined with years of industry expertise, ISDM offers fully-bespoke hardware and software packages for Zoom at a cost-effective price point.

We’ll work closely with you to transform an existing meeting space into a fully-equipped huddle room that’s purpose-built for Zoom video conferencing, including state-of-the-art hardware such as HD displays, speaker systems and wireless presentation systems.

Once your huddle space has been outfitted, we’ll provide a thorough in-person training session for your staff on how to use the hardware, as well as providing expert advice on how to get the most out of your package.

Customer Care

ISDM Care combines ongoing customer support, preventative maintenance and warranty arrangements into a full-scale service package.

Our AV support service means you’ll have instant access to either remote or onsite support whenever you need it for a fixed monthly price, including a VC concierge service & third party incident management.

By subcontracting the customer support for your Zoom solution to ISDM, you remove the expense and inefficiency that comes with an in-house support team, allowing you to keep the focus on your business while reducing your burn rate.