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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Rooms are the ultimate tool for companies who live and breathe the Microsoft Teams workflow for their collaboration and video meetings. Users can walk into a meeting space, start a meeting with one press on a touch panel and have no fear that there will be any time wasted trying to connect with their colleagues. ISDM are a vendor agnostic provider of the best meeting room hardware “bundles” available. We will work with you to ensure that collaborators in the workplace, at home, or on the move get the best video and audio experience possible to remove those virtual barriers to productivity.



The Experience

If your company is primarily a Microsoft Teams “house” for collaboration and virtual meetings, the Microsoft App bolts on to your existing Microsoft instance with ease.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration App that many will already be familiar with, the meeting room experience is designed to be as intuitive and accessible as possible for all users (experienced in the Teams workflow or not).

  • One touch join to meetings
  • One touch ad-hoc meetings or location proximity join from a personal device
  • Everyone in the room is seen and heard very clearly by collaborators in the call.
  • Interact with each other on touchscreens with Microsoft whiteboard
  • Share physical whiteboards into calls with AI picture enhancements
  • See chats and hands up on screen
  • Completely scalable solutions all with the same user experience from a 1 person room to a 30 person room


The Microsoft Teams  Boardroom is a highly functional App that encompasses two large format displays, all controlled through an 8″ touch panel. Table top microphones, and discreet ceiling speakers, allow for the seamless capture and reproduction of audio within the space.

Content is shared wirelessly through the Microsoft Teams platform. The camera is built to cover large rooms utilising the very latest in innovative AI technology to frame speakers in high quality video for connected colleagues on the call.

MS Teams Boardroom graphic
MS Teams Meeting room graphic

Meeting Room

Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms are designed to be highly functional, instant and ensure that the meeting room experience that you enjoy from a phone or desktop system, can be enjoyed within a meeting room.

A simple table top 8″ panel allows for one touch start of meetings while the very latest in AI enabled framing cameras,  speakers and noise removal microphones are all contained in a slick video bar above or below the screen.

Huddle Room

The Microsoft Teams huddle space is purpose built to allow meetings of up to 4 people. The huddle space is a great way to get things done on short notice.

A simple table top 8″ panel allows for one touch start of meetings while the very latest in AI enabled framing camera,  speaker and noise removal microphones are all contained in a slick video bar above or below the screen.

huddle room graphic
MS interactive room graphic

Interactive Room

The Microsoft Surface hub, or Android interactive screen offers a Windows style collaboration experience, this large screen display, offers a digital canvas of varying sizes, that is purpose built to be a hands on collaboration extension of the your Microsoft teams environment.

Simple one-touch-join to meetings and/or Microsoft Whiteboard on the screen are the trick to making these desirable and sought after devices for the collaborative workforce.

ISDM Value Add

ISDM Solutions specialise in the adoption of Microsoft Teams Room technology into our clients.

Where do ISDM differ from other systems integrators? We do not let the technology drive the solution, the business needs drive the technology proposed. ISDM Solutions pride ourselves on providing consultancy to understand the business need allowing us to make recommendations that address our customers pain points.

ISDM Solutions work with all leading manufacturers to test their products at an early adoption stage, ISDM solutions fully understand the intricacies between the manufacturers and their development paths with Microsoft for both the windows and android based technology stacks.

However ISDM Solutions also understand that the key to success for any Microsoft deployment is engaging our customer experience team to support the training and on boarding of the solutions with our customers.

We are supporting many of our customers through the deployment of or transition to MS Teams, by applying the project management strategy shown below:

additional support that ISDM provides

We focus on the user experience of Microsoft Teams both at the desktop and in the meeting room. We ensure that the right high-level decisions are made during the discovery and design phases, enabling users to fully understand how the Microsoft Teams app integrates within the wider Microsoft environment.