UMA is a Hybrid Workplace Software as a Service (SaaS) built in response to the need for workplaces to digitally transform and improve user experiences, collaboration, reduce real estate costs and carbon footprint and drive operational efficiency using technology and enhanced business intelligence.


UMA Solutions

UMA allows organisations to monitor, analyse, and optimise physical space inventory. UMA Vision shows how employees use office space and workspace scheduling to deliver an office design built around them and drive successful hybrid working. It also offers critical data points on real estate utilisation and occupancy levels for informed strategic decisions on portfolio resizing and cost reductions.

UMA allows you to see how employees are utilising office space, meeting rooms and desk scheduling, enabling you to build your office around them and drive a successful hybrid working environment.

Space management software like UMA can help in various ways when creating an excellent workspace experience:

  • Temperature and Air quality monitoring
  • Reservations of desks and meeting rooms
  • Asset management
  • Occupancy monitoring
  • Visitor management capabilities
  • Car park organisation – enabling employees to check availability and book their car park spaces before
  • 3D floor mapping
  • Real time data of all the above
UMA meeting software explainer illustration
UMA Temp and air quality

Temperature and Air quality monitoring

Workplace productivity is directly affected by poor indoor air quality and infection transmission is also linked to the quality of particulate matter in the office.

Wireless environmental sensors measure temperature, humidity and Co2 levels.

UMA enables organisations to understand how healthy their building is over time and maintain employee wellness by visualising environmental data on displays around the office.

Connection to audio-visual devices will show temperature, humidity and noise pollution data to understand the quality of the work environments from your existing technology investments.

Reservations of desks and meeting rooms

UMA allows you to understand real-time and future occupancy levels enabling employees to decide when best to come into the office. Occupants can check in to their desk booking an hour before it starts to confirm their booking. The ability to enable a ‘Release’ option to automatically cancel a desk or meeting room booking if people don’t check in.

UMA allows organisations to understand utilisation data based on desk and meeting room usage on a floor, building or company-wide. This real-time and historical data can be used to make decisions on the best way to utilise each space, under utilised rooms can be assessed and improved or changed.

Wireless desk occupancy sensors easily provide real-time occupancy and understand employee no-shows and away statuses.

UMA EXPLAINER Room occupancy
UMA illustration

Asset management

UMA enables you to apply notes to resources such as desks or meeting rooms and list available technologies or facilities. For example, meeting room information can tell you the temperature, humidity, CO2, Noise, Sound quality, video collaboration tools, capacity, seats and many other data points to allow users to make informed decisions about the booking of assets.

The same is applied to any resource; for example, car parking space data can tell you if it is occupied or not, the location of the space and if it has electric vehicle charging and the type.

Occupancy monitoring

Occupancy is presented in the List or Map view in real-time, and historical or future occupancy information is available in Map, List, Floorplan or Dashboard graph.

Occupancy data in UMA can be used in various ways, for example, to automate room booking and release a resource that has been booked in the event of a no-show.

Notifications can be enabled to trigger actions such as an FM service, like cleaning a resource after it has been booked and used. The occupancy information can be used with Device Management to power off devices or heating/lighting to reduce operational costs and carbon footprint.

Illustration of office building showing different occupancy levels
UMA Visitor management

Visitor management capabilities

UMA allows you to create a ‘visit’ and invite external visitors to your company/building through the web app. Visitors will receive an email notification with all details about the visit. Once they arrive at the building, visitors can check in via a kiosk or scan a QR code on the kiosk to check in via their mobile device for a touchless solution. Once checked in, the host is notified via email that their visitor has checked in and can come to meet them. Visitors can be tracked using a digital visitor log to understand live statuses. Reports can be downloaded to understand when visitors are/were in the building, along with an emergency list that provides managers with details on who is in the building at any time.