Wireless Solutions

Wireless solutions are technologies and systems that enable communication and data transfer without using physical cables or wires. Wireless solutions are used in a wide range of applications, including Internet access, telephony, and wireless networking.

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The Need For Wireless Solutions

Wireless is now pervasive in all areas. It is expected in any organisation that high-speed wireless is available for corporate connectivity and guest access. It is a WiFi first world.

Whilst ISDM can provide wireless in office environments, our differentiator is our extensive experience providing WiFi solutions in warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing facilities.

These non-standard, ever changing environments require robust, self-optimising wireless designed specifically for the site in question. ISDM will manage the complex requirements from design through to installation, including all network cabling and physical installation requirements and ongoing support and management.

ISDM designs wireless solutions on detailed analysis following a wireless site survey. The solutions offered by Cisco and Cisco Meraki can support the latest WiFi 6E standards, ensuring the best user experience and long-term return on investment.

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