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ISDM offer a comprehensive range of services to enable your teams to better engage via internal communications, inform teams and users in town halls and updates and also host sales and product launches to your customer base. ISDM are experts in delivering:

  • Events Services and Support
  • Online Events Platforms
  • Events Portable Hardware Solutions
  • Events Systems Design and Installation


Events Services

ISDM offer a comprehensive events service delivering peace of mind to our clients with expertise on technical design and production coordination.

We specialize in:

– Technical event pre-production and planning.

– Supply of event technicians, from our pool of experienced internal engineers and our trusted global partners.

– Filming and live streaming services to suit your platform of choice.

– Supply of hire equipment, with the latest audio and video hardware.

– Virtual and hybrid events, combining multisite or VC participants and live streaming on to thousands.

– Producing eye catching sets and stages for your virtual event in your venue or a purpose-built studio

– Video capture and editing.

carousel of logos for vimeo, zoom, workplace, youtube, MS teams, Webex, vbrick, vidizmo and Twitch.


Events Platforms

ISDM are experienced providers of multiple software platforms for collaboration and events. You may be looking for an easy to use, large meeting/webinar program like Zoom webinars or Webex Events, or you may be looking for a fully branded live stream or recorded platform for your company’s internal and external communications (for example vbrick, Quickchannel or Vimeo enterprise).

Examples of the platforms used for event services


Events installations

ISDM proudly consult and install solutions to enable in room and virtual/hybrid events with ease. These can range from a 1 person broadcast spaceĀ  all the way to an 800 person auditorium.

Some examples below:

ISDM Sofa Broadcast Studios

One operator can run a professional multicamera livestream to any platform and even bring in virtual attendees to join presenters. In its simplest form, a presenter can be captured within seconds to an SD card or hard drive with expert audio and video capture with no setup time required.

ISDM Events
A chair sitting against a green screen for professional event production
ISDM servers
Example of a couch in an office being used for media production
A room set up for media production


Auditorium, Cafetorium and breakout broadcast areas

Self-service or AV tech operated spaces in auditoriums, cafes, office floor presentation areas. Enabling engaging communications in the room and across the company with video conferencing and live streaming.

image of a production suite on site for media production at an indoor event
Audience attending a conference
Audience attending a conference
Production hardware in the ISDM space
image of a monitor showing different camera angles used in event production
Someone using an AV mixer on site during a media production


Podcast Studios

Simple to start podcast studios to act just like a self-service meeting room, or have a producer control faders, audio clips and even robotic cameras to a live stream.

image of a microphone in a podcast studio
image of a podcast studio being assembled
image of a microphone in a podcast studio