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Cisco is a world leading provider of both network infrastructure and collaboration solutions. Cisco solutions are designed as a complete eco system with both mobile and desktop applications Webex to collaboration endpoints.

This allows the experience to be extended out into a boardroom or interactive collaboration space, using Cisco built hardware endpoints. Everything in the Cisco world is engineered to bring teams together, and does not require peripherals from other manufacturers to run.

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Cisco Webex

The Cisco Collaboration solution is an all in one solution, so there are no modular parts from different manufacturers, everything is built and designed to work together.

Cisco have a wide range of collaboration solutions that are designed to cover all potential requirements. The management of the Cisco collaboration estate becomes much more simplified. Firmware updates can be pushed remotely to the systems.

Cisco have developed their hardware offering to be purpose built for serving the collaboration requirements of an organisation.

  • Join natively using Cisco Webex Teams app
  • Dial in over conventional phone line
  • Control meetings using the in room Cisco Touch Panel
  • Annotate content (using PC and Cisco Webex Teams board)
  • Screen Sharing



The Cisco Boardroom is built to collaborate, and is a premium market leading solution, that gives you everything you need to collaborate within a sleek integrated unit. The room 70D, includes two fully integrated high definition 70-inch displays that capture both meeting participants and presentational content.

The solution features a next generation 4K video collaboration codec and a HD fully automatic camera. Wired sharing, power, data and USB connectivity is catered for using the in room cable cubbies.  The Cisco boardroom is controlled through the bespoke Touch 10 panel, which is designed for ease of use, and functionality.

Meeting Room

Cisco Meeting Rooms are designed to accommodate up to 10 people. The 2x 55 inch displays allow for presentational content and participants to be seen clearly in room.

The Cisco Webex room kit contains a 4K camera, with a multi directional microphone that ensures everyone in the room is perfectly captured. The Cisco Meeting room is designed to work seamlessly as part of your overall Cisco collaboration estate.

Huddle Room

The 49-inch display forms the centrepiece of the room. The Webex Room Kit mini serves as the audio capture and output device within the room, and is purpose built for up to 4 people.

With a 4K camera capable of a 120-degree field of view, everyone in the room will be seen clearly. The touch 10 control panel allows for seamless control over the meeting and features one touch join.

Interactive Room

The Webex interactive board is the perfect option where meetings are all about hands-on collaboration. This Cisco all in one board, with a range of display sizes, ensures that there is ample space for people to gather around, and start physically collaborating, be it on plans or a document.

The board is the centrepiece. There are no cables, cubbies or touch panels. Everything you need is the canvas that sits in front of you. This is purpose built as a worthy extension of a Cisco collaboration estate.

Remote Working

Many more companies are turning to remote working, as current and prospective employees expect the flexibility to work when they want from where they want.

Working from home shouldn’t mean having to compromise on the collaboration experience. Cisco produces a number of tools that help remote/home workers to maximise on their productivity while never compromising on their ability to collaborate with their colleagues based in head office.


Webex is a software platform that will help you connect with other remote and office-based workers. Webex Meetings and Teams is designed to work seamlessly with your Cisco hardware estate, both at home and in the office.

Webex allows specific project groups to easily collaborate over video and audio as well as share files and information that can all be strategically stored so they are just a few clicks away.

Cisco Cognitive Collaboration

Today’s workflows are complex. Teamwork spans time zones, applications, and workplaces where outdated technology challenges your ability to get work done. Collaboration that integrates relationship intelligence and people insights, artificial intelligence, and business processes can result in better teamwork and proactive customer journeys.

Cisco cognitive collaboration allows for good quality data to manage both office and remote workers, to allow workers to be productive and ensure good quality usage of resources. Voice also allows for notes to be taken, follow-ups to scheduled and much more.

BOTS and Cisco Webex 

ISDM have developed a number of productivity BOTs that work natively with Webex.

These BOTS can provide access to information from across the business, without having to go direct to a human resource. Things like company dress code, holiday policy or booking a meeting can all be done through a bespoke BOT through Webex.

UMA Room Booking

UMA Book is a cloud-based meeting room management system, that removes the need for costly on-premise infrastructure. The intuitive UMA application (Android and iOS) works seamlessly with the bespoke UMA room booking panels, for a rapid out of the box deployment.

UMA Vision provides room administrators or facilities management analytical data, to help them see how rooms are being used, and more importantly, if resources are capable of meeting demand.