Customer Success

Our Customer Success Division is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and objectives. We will provide you with the resources and support to ensure you maximise your technology ecosystem.


Walking the Journey with You

ISDM’s partnership model will walk with you on your technology journey. If services are not delivering Return on Investment, we will work with you to help you understand why this is and help with corrective actions. 

ISDM’s customer success team will ensure that your business priorities are always front and centre, and we will work to deliver a technology strategy that harmonises with these priorities. The work is never done, and we will continually strive to ensure that your technology estate is always relevant and useful, both now and into the future.

What we offer:

  • Review your core objectives every quarter
  • Impartial guidance and consultancy
  • Review the analytical data that your products and services generate
  • Full support and guidance

Data Driven Decision Making

We will work with you to continually review the analytical data that your products and services generate, this can help you gain a deeper understanding as to how the services are being used, and if they are performing as you would expect.

Our Customer Success Team will poll internal users to help ascertain how they are using the solutions and what additional features they would like to see added, to best suit their needs.

ISDM’s Customer Success Team is truly focused on you – the customer. Our passion and motivation is to ensure you have the tools to succeed. We do this by:

  • Establishing, developing, and building relationships
  • Understanding the needs of your organisation
  • Helping you meet and surpass your goals
  • Facilitating the successful implementation of our services or products

Understanding your Business

They say that knowledge is power, and we will work tirelessly to empower your employees to maximise the technologies and what they deliver.

With increased user adoption comes a faster return on investment, which proves the success of the technology implementation and can pave the way for logical further investment and expansion.

We believe in strong alignment with our customer, right from first engagement, leading to a continuous and mutually beneficial partnership. When we say that we are committed to customers, it is not an advertising slogan, our Customer Success Team will ensure we understand your business priorities that form the backbone of your business, and we ensure that every product and service that we supply is in accordance with helping you deliver your goals.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager as your single point of contact
  • Face-to-face visits or remote meetings, wherever you are
  • Optimised business plans, tailored towards your strategic goals
  • Insight and training on metrics and value adds