Enterprise Networks

ISDM Solutions understand that no matter how good the business application is, it will only work as intended if the underlying network is designed to support it.

Your enterprise network is the backbone of your communication, allowing your people to stay connected, and your information to be available at all times. Today more than ever, your company is only as reliable as your corporate network.

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The Need For Enterprise Networks

With an ever-increasing number of the global population working remotely, your employees need to be able to access relevant information anywhere, at any time. Finding suitable enterprise network solutions to accommodate your business needs is key now more than ever, and it will give your company the first-mover advantage over the competition.

Our Solution

ISDM Networks – An Enterprise Network That Works For You

At ISDM, we ensure you always have the edge in your digital transformation journey, offering the latest developments from Cisco and Cisco Meraki.

The Meraki Masters and CCNP-level engineers in our Enterprise Networks Division can consult with your key stakeholders to find the right enterprise network to best fit your needs. Our team will help you deploy, install, and tailor the network solution to your specifications, so that your business applications run uninterrupted.

Even after the enterprise network’s initial deployment, you will be supported; our customer experience team will be with you to ensure you are making the most of the installation and to guarantee that the features and benefits identified for the project are fully delivered and implemented across the wider business.

At ISDM, we strive to deliver solutions that support the requirements of small businesses and multinational enterprise clients alike. Make sure your enterprise network is a competitive advantage and not your weakest link!

Network Audits

Our Network Auditing Process consists of an end to end, fully engaged service. Our team of experts will provide detailed reports and analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, security, processes, and performance. These assessments will identify opportunities for improvement, giving you a comprehensive overview of the current state of your existing network.

We can then consult with your key department stakeholders to discuss your future technology needs. This will allow a plan to be developed for future upgrades – including timelines when network audits are needed – to ensure your business does not have surprises and unexpected costs.


Whether you have a single office or multiple offices, regardless of the size, we have a Network as a Service solution that will provide you with simple procurement of network equipment, services and support all wrapped into a single monthly subscription. Our Solution incorporates 3 bundle offers to fit most business sizes over a 36-month contract term with the flexibility to add further services on request such as cloud security to further secure the network and your users.

NaaS simplifies how hardware and software technologies are managed and consumed. It enables greater speed, agility, and scale. SD-WAN can be deployed as a value-added service with NaaS to enhance performance, security, redundancy, and application experience.

In addition to this, we can provide you with a free Meraki trial to give you the opportunity to test out the network equipment that underpins this solution and to see the benefits for yourself before committing to a contract. Please reach out to us to find out more.

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