Avocor is a global leader in creating collaboration solutions. With the constant innovation of their state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions, Avocor aims to make collaboration within teams as easy as possible, regardless of whether remote, hybrid or face-to-face.



Bringing interactivity to your hybrid meeting space

As the world moves to a hybrid environment, with remote and in-person participants collaborating simultaneously, we need to rethink how these meeting spaces look so that these benefits are not lost. Investing in your meeting space technology can support this changing need and lead to increased productivity and engagement amongst teammates. Despite some limitations, remote meetings have provided participants with increased feelings of inclusion and meeting equity.

Compatible with leading UC platforms


Interactive Displays

four Avocor E30A-stack-with-UiQ screens stacked to show difference in size with a transparent background

E Series

Ranging in four sizes, 55”, 65”, 75” and 86”, the E Series utilise the very latest optimised touch technology. The Avocor E Series 4K interactive touchscreen displays are competitively priced without compromising on performance and are ideal for consuming content with the addition of annotations.


  • Ideal for all major UC applications, such as Teams and Zoom
  • Easy to use and incredibly responsive
  • IR Technology

G Series

Edge-to-edge bezel-less interactive displays are engineered to impress when they’re on and even when they’re turned off. Available in 65”, 75” and 85”. The Avocor G Series 4K display utilises the very latest InGlass™ technology combined with bonded glass and delivers ultra-fast inking and touch performance that supports up to 20 individual touchpoints and four passive pens, enabling high performance and a pixel-perfect user experience.


  • Bezel-less, edge-to-edge interactive displays
  • Extended connectivity for more complex rooms and applications
  • InGlass™ technology allows for precision annotation
stacked avovor G-series screens showing the difference in the size with a transparent background
Avocor W series stacked showing the difference in sizes of the screens, on the front screen it shows four people that are on a conference call. this image shows that the Avocor W series is Microsoft Certified

W Series

Available in 55” and 65”. Ideal for focus and small meeting rooms, corporate and home offices, the Avocor W series is the ideal platform to create the perfect video collaboration environment. The Avocor 65” W series is the world’s first display certified for Microsoft Teams. Taking Microsoft Teams into your meeting has never been easier with an in-built video camera, microphone array, and soundbar.


  • The world’s first Microsoft Teams certified Windows collaboration display – 65” only
  • Deliver the power and productivity of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams in room
  • All in one solution with camera and microphones built-in