Wireless Site Surveys

Wireless is now pervasive in all areas. It is expected in any organisation that high speed wireless is available for corporate connectivity and guest access. It is a WiFi first world.

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Why ISDM Wireless?

Whilst ISDM can of course provide wireless in office environments, our differentiator is our extensive experience in providing WiFi solutions in warehousing, distribution and manufacturing facilities.

These non-standard, ever changing environments require robust, self-optimising wireless designed specifically for the site in question. ISDM will manage the complex requirements from design through to installation including all network cabling and physical installation requirements and of course ongoing support and management.

Wireless Site Surveys

ISDM Solutions can offer both active and passive wireless site surveys, both using the industry standard WiFi survey platform Ekahau.

If you have existing problems with your WiFi network, we can survey the site to determine coverage, signal to noise ratio and interference from the current provider. ISDM will then produce a detailed report of the wireless site survey with recommendations to remediate the issues being experienced.

What We Offer

Our team of engineers begin working before they even step foot on site; ISDM WiFi surveys are focused on finding what your business needs and how we can help you achieve that.

We understand each business is unique, so we offer different types of wireless site surveys depending on your size and sector.

Why Do I Need A Wireless Site Survey?

Decrease WiFi Costs

Having a site survey means you won’t have to pay twice for your WiFi services. Opening contracts with providers – before you know how your access points and WiFi will behave – is a poor decision for both your staff and your bottom line. Peace of mind with a wireless survey is priceless.

Site Infrastructure Issues

Surveying a site’s infrastructure beforehand means that there will be limited issues once you’re moved into the site. Issues that can crop up without a site survey can lead to dead spots within the WiFi signal. Your staff members won’t be able to access wireless in certain areas, rendering office spaces useless.

Scale Your Business With Site Surveys

Having your site surveyed is future proofing your business. ISDM provide staff training to make sure you know how to spot the warning signs within your WiFi strength. You’ll be able to scale up your site with new access points whilst pinpointing where you can move existing access points to.