Network Security

In the modern world where hybrid and remote work is the norm, more staff are working from home; the network security perimeter has transformed significantly. Traditionally, protecting on-premises data was enough, as servers and users were behind firewalls. Without a physical perimeter to protect, and with employees moving to cloud applications and remote working, the need to protect your people and network wherever they are, 24/7, has increased significantly.

At ISDM, we offer enterprise network security solutions that will guard your employees anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

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What is Network Security Solutions?

Network security solutions refer to tools and techniques needed within an organisation to protect its networks and data from security and cyber threats. These solutions can include a combination of hardware, software, and services that work together to protect networks and systems from unauthorised access, misuse, and disruption.

Network security solutions are essential for organisations of all sizes and industries to protect sensitive data and keep their networks running smoothly and securely.

As cybersecurity threats evolve, becoming harder to detect than ever, the cost of data breaches continues to increase. Any activity designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data is labelled under the network security umbrella.

Not every employee has the same level of attention and approach towards security; the chance your company runs into a security breach is high. Thankfully, our team of experts can work with your organisation to make your network as impenetrable as possible.

Leveraging the latest network security technologies, we empower and guide you all the way through your enterprise network security journey, ensuring we only provide you with future-proofed network security solutions, both in terms of hardware and software, to design an effective and secure network security solution around your business.

Cloud Security

Like many aspects of our working life, security is also moving to cloud-based solutions: all-in-one products like Cisco Umbrella afford flexibility in the delivery and management of network security anywhere, at any time for an extended range of devices, users, and global locations.

For next-generation endpoint protection, we offer Cisco AMP, more than the usual malware protection tool. Leveraging an extended set of antimalware technologies, Cisco AMP continuously monitors every file located in your network.

To protect your workforce from incoming email threats and safeguard your data in outgoing communications, we install Cisco Secure Email and train your employees on best practices, as awareness is key when protecting your email folder.

For the more demanding applications, where machine learning and behavioural modelling can make a difference in protecting your enterprise network, Cisco Stealthwatch is the perfect tool, using telemetry from your network infrastructure to let you know who’s on your network and what they are doing.

To let your company safely deploy software and applications and enforce security policies remotely, Meraki has developed its cloud-based Systems Manager, enabling your company to do all that from the Meraki Cloud.

Next Generation Firewalls

Shifting to a remote-prevalent workplace does not mean you can let your guard down at your premises: next-generation firewalls are the ideal solution for that purpose, evolving from the traditional, more basic firewall.

For maximum automation and operational efficiency, we offer the Cisco-developed SecureX, a cloud-native platform linking your infrastructure with the Cisco Secure portfolio.

The Cisco Firepower range of appliances ranges from the Firepower 1000 series for small business or branch offices through to the Firepower 9000 series for service provider and data centre use cases. An alternative to the Firepower appliances is the Meraki MX security appliances.