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7SIGNAL is the leader in enterprise Wi-Fi optimisation, & monitoring of Wi-Fi networks and connected devices from the outside-in, so that businesses can mitigate risk, maximise up-time and protect revenue


Users complaining of wireless issues?

Can’t find any wireless problems when the support engineer attends?

Unsure if the issue is the client, the wireless or the application?

Unsure what tools to use to investigate?

Stop guessing and start collecting intelligence and trending on your wireless performance. 7SIGNAL using their Mobile Eye & Sapphire Eye solutions, offers enterprise Wi-Fi insights, control & performance to the people and devices that need them most.

7signal system

The 7SIGNAL Platform

7SIGNAL is a leading provider of enterprise wireless monitoring and wireless assurance solutions. Their platform uses a combination of endpoint agents (Mobile Eye®) and environmental sensors (Sapphire Eye®) to monitor Wi-Fi networks and connected devices from the outside in. Businesses can mitigate risk, maximise up-time, and protect revenue by doing so.

If your users are experiencing wireless issues and your support engineer can’t find any problems, 7SIGNAL’s Mobile Eye & Sapphire Eye solutions can help. Their cloud-based platform provides enterprise Wi-Fi insights, control, and performance monitoring so that you can collect intelligence and trending data on your wireless performance.

The 7SIGNAL platform offers a Wi-Fi optimisation solution that runs 24/7 to test Wi-Fi connectivity at the network’s edge and from the device’s perspective. With this data, your teams can resolve Wi-Fi-related issues swiftly, providing strong connections for mission-critical users, applications, and devices.

Our Solution

Mobile Eye

Mobile Eye is a patented SaaS (Software as a Service) agent that is installed directly onto Windows, macOS, Linux, or Android clients. The agent will run in the background 24/7, completing active and passive Wi-Fi tests and collecting data from the endpoint’s perspective.

Sapphire Eye

Sapphire Eye is a Wi-Fi sensor that behaves as high-performing client. It provides a complete picture of the wired and wireless network so you can optimize Wi-Fi performance.

Professional Services

Our Wi-Fi professionals are here to help. With professional services, our team will learn your business, and its needs, inside and out. We can help with troubleshooting, reporting, and overall planning.

Industries we serve

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Large Enterprise
  • High density and more

Teams we support

  • Wireless engineers
  • IT teams
  • Help desk
  • Device & hardware teams
  • Executives and management