Network Audits

A network audit comprehensively assesses an organisation’s network infrastructure and security protocols. The goal of a network audit is to identify any vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or other issues that could compromise the security or performance of the network.

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The Need For a Network Audit

Our Network Auditing Process consists of an end-to-end, fully engaged service. Our team of experts can evaluate an organisation’s existing network IT infrastructure, security, processes, and performance. These assessments will provide a detailed analysis and report of the network’s current state and identify opportunities and recommendations for improvement, giving you a comprehensive overview of your existing network security, performance, and reliability. Key focus areas will be performance reviews, end-of-life and end-of-support assessments for your existing infrastructure.

ISDM can then consult with key department stakeholders to discuss your future technology needs. This will allow a plan to be developed for future upgrades – including timelines – to ensure your business does not have surprises and unexpected costs or risk running your business on unsupportable equipment.


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