Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions enable businesses to blend their digital and physical worlds, allowing companies to display dynamic and interactive content that can grab the attention of their audiences.

Digital signage will enable these companies to create powerful, interactive, strategically placed content to reach the desired audience to improve communication and customer engagement.


Revolutionise your corporate Communication with Digital Signage

Digital signage is transforming communication within the modern workspace, offering a vibrant and interactive way for businesses to engage with clients and employees around the clock. With the ability to effortlessly create and update content, digital signage stands out as a leading solution for businesses aiming to stay ahead in a dynamic market.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage refers to electronic displays exhibiting information, advertising, or other content in public spaces or commercial locations. The content is typically managed and delivered using software and networks, allowing for real-time updates and remote control.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for businesses in various sectors and environments to inform and increase visibility with audiences such as employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Why integrate Digital Signage into your business?

The content displayed on digital signage can be changed quickly and easily, making it a versatile and effective communication method. Digital signage can be used for various purposes, creating and sending content within an instant for effective internal communications, advertising, information, and updates; with digital signage solutions, these tasks have never been easier, using screens connected to the internet or over your network. 

Enhance Corporate Environments

Informative and Educational Displays

Deployed across office spaces, digital signage serves as a versatile tool to display real-time statistics, company updates, and essential safety information. From the lobby to the boardroom, these displays can integrate live-streaming of events and workshops and even broadcast as per client requirements. By promoting corporate messages, internal values, and upcoming events, these screens enhance internal communication, bolster interest, and maintain engagement through visually compelling content.

Engage and Streamline Communication

Digital display screens are perfect for showcasing important announcements, company news, and operational updates, keeping both employees and clients well-informed. Digital signage allows for immediate updates with just a touch of a button, accommodating a wide range of styles and formats to fit any budget. This technology ensures that messages reach a broad audience, enabling frequent and flexible content changes from a single central console.

Cost-Effective Enhancement of Digital Signage

Opting for digital signage over traditional methods significantly reduces printing and distribution costs. Quick content updates and the ability to change displays easily minimise the resources needed for maintaining effective campaigns. Furthermore, digital signage enhances the employee experience by engaging them with interactive content, thereby creating a memorable and impactful interaction.

Optimise Your Space with Digital Signage Solutions

Leverage our digital signage solutions to transform how you communicate and advertise in your corporate environment. With high-resolution displays and dynamic capabilities, our digital signage is an invaluable tool for any forward-thinking business.

 Use cases include:  

  • Reception areas
  • Virtual reception and check in
  • Wayfinding
  • Desk booking
  • Internal communication – geography and department based
  • Café Menu
  • Live dashboards – Department based
  • Local dashboard for travel and weather
  • Live TV or Network IPTV
  • Triggered building information
  • Scheduled updates 
  • Duel use café – internal comms to town hall slides
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Digital Signage Examples

Choosing the Right digital signage solution

While it’s a smart call to invest in digital signage, it’s critical that you start with the end-goal in mind and ask the right questions before pulling the trigger. This initial development process ensures you go for the best digital signage fit for your business application, maximising the benefits of these powerful tools.

After carefully evaluating the various options and technology, you can focus on shaping your digital signage infrastructure exactly how you want it. Thanks to our agile approach, obtaining suitable digital signage for your business is both easy and straightforward. We provide the right combination of support, software, and hardware to help you achieve your digital signage goals.

Ensure your messages always hit the target with a bespoke digital signage solution. Step up your digital communications game with ISDM, leveraging the benefits of the latest digital signage technology and the world-class support of our customer care team.

Many screen Manufacturers have built in Computes to enable signage to run on an installed app. With just a single network port and power socket, a full digital signage solution can be run with simplicity.  

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Digital Signage examples

Simplicity is key for digital signage content. Linking a player to a cloud signage platform now gives users of any ability delegated access to create and upload content. Players are tagged in groups and locations and have playlists pushed instantly or scheduled for future updates. These tools give live monitoring and remote update control and can also provide control to connected devices (e.g control on/off screens with a schedule).  

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Cloud and network based dedicated signage platforms all give administrators a comprehensive view of a player/screen heath, and content status. These dashboards allow new content to be organised and distributed with ease.


appspace dashboard
example of ISDM Cloud and network signage platforms

Admins can use templates or their own slides to create new content quickly. 

Widgets and apps can be sent to a playlist or layout from the free app store marketplaces available with these platforms.