What is Network access control?

Network access control (NAC) is a security solution that helps organisations control access to their network resources by identifying and authenticating users, devices, and applications. The main goal of NAC is to ensure that only authorised users and devices are granted access to the network and its resources while protecting the network from unauthorised access and potential threats.

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a network access control and policy enforcement solution. It authenticates and authorises devices based on user identity and other contextual factors. ISE enables secure network access, enforces policies, and ensures compliance. It supports various authentication methods, integrates with external identity sources, and profiles connected devices. ISE provides guest access and BYOD capabilities, enforces security policies, and integrates with threat intelligence for real-time threat response. It offers compliance reporting and integrates with other Cisco products. ISE is scalable and helps organisations protect their network resources and streamline network operations.

Cisco ISE is the centrepiece in providing zero trust for the workspace. Providing advanced Network Access Control Features. ISE Provides:

  • Dynamic Visibility
  • Network Segmentation
  • Automated Threat Containment
  • Guest and Secure Wireless Access
  • Secure Wired access with consistent policy enforcement
  • Device compliance
  • BYOD Support