AV Solutions

AV solutions, such as video conferencing and digital signage, can help improve communication and collaboration among employees, regardless of location, saving your company resources and money.

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Audio Visual Solutions and Integrated Systems

Audio Visual (AV) solutions are ISDM’s bedrock of what we do. The possibilities are endless, from meeting room technology that enables collaboration and hybrid working to global audio and video distribution for your network or the cloud. For us, a vital step towards managing ease of use for end users while accelerating sustainability and environmental commitments.  


Integrating AV solutions into a business can help to improve communication, enhance presentation capabilities, improve audience experiences, increase flexibility, future-proof their operations and provide a competitive advantage while supporting cost savings. By investing in the right AV solutions, businesses can position themselves for success now and in the future.

Meeting Room/ Collaboration Spaces

ISDM know that the hybrid workspace can be complex; with employees working anywhere, it can be challenging to get everyone together.

From a Huddle pod to a regular meeting space to a training centre, ISDM can link everyone in the room with virtual participants to enable collaboration and inclusivity with the press of a single “start meeting” button.

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Video Displays

We live video – at your reception, in your experience centre, by your stairways & lifts, in your auditoriums, in your store, your café menus, your training centre, and in your meeting room; the options are endless and open to every use case.  


Supplying and installing vibrant, reliable, and futureproof video solutions are what ISDM are proud to deliver. Small to large screens, LED video walls, and ambient light rejecting projection solutions are all fit for different applications and requirements. 

Video and Audio distribution 

Using the next generation of network and cloud-based distribution hardware and software, ISDM provides industry leading solutions to enable businesses to have the video and audio they require in one place or sent anywhere within a second.  

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage solutions enable businesses to blend their digital and physical worlds, allowing companies to display dynamic and interactive content that can grab the attention of their audiences.

Digital signage will enable these companies to create powerful, interactive, strategically placed content to reach the desired audience to improve communication and customer engagement.

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ISDM Town Hall Space

Town Hall Space 

Simplicity is key with a town hall space.

We provide a one-button press to join a meeting, pick up a microphone from the charging dock and speak to the in-room audience while remote colleagues can watch your presentation online via the camera.

This solution makes internal and external updates more engaging and inclusive with a reliable events space.

Audio Systems

Audio integrated systems can be utilised in many scenarios to increase the quality of a workspace or elevate an experience.  

Common applications include:  

  • Meeting room Microphones and speakers for immersive, clear and inclusive hybrid meetings
  • Townhall, auditorium and stand-up space audio reinforcement with microphones 
  • Shop floor and café music systems
  • Sound masking application across the office floor to increase privacy in open areas. 
  • PA and announcement systems
  • Intelligent switching for multi-use cases in one space. 
AR Experiences

Interactive Experiences

Digital Signage