Smart office solutions

Building on the latest smart building technologies and innovations, we partner with the best companies to provide stand-alone or integrated intelligent building solutions. Leveraging the power of IoT and our know-how, we design smart building solutions that help you optimise efficiency and operational processes to make your workplaces more connected and responsive than ever before.

We are committed to working with you, designing a tailor-made solution that helps your business’ future, while also being better for the environment.

As not every employee has the same level of attention and approach towards security, the chance your company runs into a security breach is high: thankfully, our team of experts can work with your organisation to make your network as impenetrable as possible. Leveraging the latest security technologies, we empower you and guide you all the way through your enterprise network security journey, ensuring we only provide you with future-proofed solutions, both in terms of hardware and software, to design an effective and secure network management system around your business.

Smart Office Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage helps with an interactive map to find your way around the building or campus, great for visitors and employees alike.

Make sure your messages always hit the target with a bespoke digital signage solution. Step up your digital communications game with ISDM, leveraging the benefits of the latest digital signage technology and the world-class support of our customer care team.

Room Control visual display screen
Digital Signage display

Room Control Technology

ISDM will work in conjunction with your business to ensure that we deliver something that allows for standardisation of room control throughout your organization. We will implement a bespoke programmed touch panel that allows you to take control of your meeting space and forms the nerve centre of your collaboration environment.

Whether your goal is to automate standard features within a room (lighting, audio, temperature), or control specific hardware devices, our room control options offer flexibility, functionality and complete ease of use. The result is a solution that makes the complex, simple so that users can focus on their work and not the technology.

  • Customised interactive panel
  • Simplified user interface for ease of use
  • Fully automated for complete control of systems and hardware
  • Cost-effective integrated solutions for managing technology

Interactive Experiences

Auditoriums and Events Solutions

Video and Audio Distribution