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Poly HP is a global communication technology company that provides cutting-edge audio and video conferencing solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a wide range of products, including headsets, conference phones, and video conferencing equipment, Poly HP has established itself as a leader in the industry.

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Poly HP x ISDM Solutions

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Poly HP, a global leader in audio and video solutions. Poly HP and ISDM Solutions are dedicated to revolutionising how businesses collaborate and communicate.

Combining Poly HP’s cutting-edge audio and video technology with the deep industry knowledge of ISDM Solutions, our partnership delivers expertise. Dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions customised to meet business requirements.

Poly HP is a leading provider of audio and video communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. Poly HP is dedicated to helping teams collaborate and communicate seamlessly with a wide range of products, including headsets, conference phones, and video conferencing systems.

Android, all in one system – For Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms

ISDM and Poly HP are a Microsoft and Zoom partnership designed to give businesses the best hardware and support available on the market to enable easy and inclusive collaboration in the workplace and at home. Paired with a Commercial display of your choice, great furniture and some neat table connectivity, you have a valuable tool to help with the return to the workplace with full meeting equity for in office and remote users.

Certified for Microsoft Teams
Zoom Certified
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Focus/Huddle/Small Meeting rooms

Unlock the potential of boardroom-level performance with the Poly Studio X30, an incredibly user-friendly all-in-one video bar designed for huddle rooms and small spaces. Experience seamless integration with top cloud video services without the need for a PC or Mac, ensuring a hassle-free setup.


Poly Studio X30 with TC8

a poly camera/speaker and tablet

Medium Meeting Rooms

Indulge in top-notch audio and video quality for medium-sized boardrooms with the Poly Studio X50 all-in-one video bar. This user-friendly device guarantees a seamless experience, featuring integrated support for leading cloud video services, eliminating the need for a PC or Mac. Enjoy crystal-clear voices and lifelike video, creating a natural and immersive atmosphere. With wireless content sharing, collaboration becomes effortless, eliminating the hassle of cables or additional equipment.

Poly studio X50 with TC8

a poly camera and tablet

Large Meeting Rooms

The Poly Studio X70 video bar is an excellent device that blends striking design with 4K video and immersive stereo sound, bringing your large meeting rooms to life. With its all-in-one construction, you can bid farewell to tangled cables and spare your IT team from constant troubleshooting. Powered by AI, the Poly Studio X70 delivers seamless video and audio encounters, transforming any video call in a large room into a trouble-free affair.

Poly Studio X70 with TC8

Poly Studio x70

Modular Solutions

Immerse yourself in the convenience of a modular room solution with the Poly G7500. This cutting-edge system effortlessly connects with cameras, microphones, and a wide range of third-party components, providing an easily accessible setup. It offers a comprehensive collection of robust REST APIs, enabling seamless integration with controllers and other room components for enhanced flexibility and control.

Poly G7500 with TC8 and poly Studio e70

a poly camera and tablet and phone speaker system

Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows

Microsoft Teams Certified

Bring your entire team together, whether it’s a small group huddle or a company-wide meeting, with Poly Studio Room Kits designed specifically for Microsoft Teams Rooms. These comprehensive solutions offer everything you need to facilitate a successful gathering. Equipped with Poly’s AI-driven audio and video technologies, along with a compact collaboration PC and user-friendly touch controller, the experience is flawlessly seamless. Whether you have a few remote participants or a predominantly virtual audience, Poly Studio Room Kits ensure that everyone feels connected and engaged.

Focus/Huddle Room

Poly Picture 9 system

Small Meeting Room

Poly small meeting rooms kit

Medium Room Kit

poly bundle for medium sized meeting rooms

Large Room Kit

Poly bundle for large meeting rooms

Poly Studio Bundles for Zoom Rooms

Zoom Certified

Whether at your desk, in a huddle room, conference room, or training room, Polys native solutions for Zoom Video make it effortless for you to dive in quickly and create a meaningful impact. Experience exceptional collaboration with Poly Studio Bundles designed for Zoom Rooms.

From small group huddles to company-wide meetings, whether you have a few remote attendees or an entirely virtual gathering, Poly Studio Bundles ensure that everyone feels present and engaged. The comprehensive solution includes state-of-the-art Poly AI-driven audio and video technologies, a compact collaboration PC, and an intuitive touch controller, all working together to deliver a seamless meeting experience for your Zoom meetings.

Small Room Bundle for Zoom Rooms

Small Room Bundle for Zoom Rooms

Medium Room Bundle for Zoom Rooms

Medium Rooms Bundle for Zoom Rooms

Large Rooms Bundle for Zoom Rooms

Large Rooms Bundle for Zoom Rooms

Google Meeting Rooms

Simplify your collaboration experience with the Poly Studio X Series, where no computer is needed. Users can effortlessly join Google Meet sessions with clarity and ease with just one touch.

Work has transcended physical boundaries and is now defined by what you do and how you do it. Poly offers purpose-built solutions that are certified and optimized to integrate with Google Workspace and Chrome OS seamlessly. Whether your team works from the office or remotely, Poly provides the essential collaboration tools to ensure meeting equity in every situation.

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Different sizes of poly cameras

Cloud monitoring and management

Poly Lens

Controlling your entire video estate just got a whole lot easier. Distribute the Poly Lens App seamlessly and securely across your organisation.

Get the software that gives you superhuman visibility into modern workspaces across the entire organisation, highlighting how devices are being used. Making a real impact in support and future investment planning through intelligent newsfeeds that aggregate raw data into insights that show system trends of offline, online, in-use and more.

Personal Collaboration Solutions 


Poly Studio P Series personal video devices enable you to be your best self — confident and clear from beginning to end. Make the most of video calls from wherever work happens. High-performance cameras compensate for lighting imbalances. Premium audio eliminates distractions. Solutions and bundles are designed to match work styles for any type of user and include simple setup and cloud services for IT.

A poly screen, and two different poly cameras