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ISDM Cisco Certifications

Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization

The Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization offered by Cisco aimed to recognize and validate a partner’s expertise in designing, deploying, and supporting advanced collaboration solutions using Cisco’s collaboration portfolio. Partners who achieved this specialization meet specific requirements and demonstrate proficiency in delivering complex collaboration solutions to their customers. These requirements typically included technical knowledge, advanced training, successful implementation of collaboration projects, and customer satisfaction.

By obtaining the Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization, partners differentiate themselves as having advanced knowledge and capabilities in delivering comprehensive collaboration solutions using Cisco technologies. This expertise allows them to provide customers with integrated communication and collaboration solutions, improved team collaboration, and enhanced productivity across the organization.

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Cisco Umbrella for MSSPs

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This certification program, offered by Cisco Systems, aims to acknowledge and validate partners’ expertise in deploying and managing Cisco Umbrella, a cutting-edge cloud-based security platform, to provide managed security services to their customers.

Obtaining the Cisco Umbrella for MSSPs specialisation indicates that partners have successfully fulfilled precise requirements and showcased their proficiency in delivering all-encompassing managed security services utilising the powerful capabilities of Cisco Umbrella.

As a Cisco Umbrella for MSSPs specialised partner, we prioritise the security needs of our customers and excel in deploying and managing this advanced cloud-based security platform. With our expertise, we offer comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing, and other malicious activities.

Security Specialization

The Cisco Security Specialization is designed to ensure that partners possess the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively deploy, manage, and support Cisco’s extensive range of security offerings. It serves as a testament to their ability to address security challenges, protect infrastructure and data, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

This specialisation covers a wide array of security domains, including network security, endpoint security, cloud security, identity and access management, threat intelligence, and security management. By encompassing these critical areas, it validates that our partners possess the expertise required to assist organisations in tackling their unique security requirements

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Secure access service edge solution specialization (SASE)

Cisco Certification

SASE, which stands for Secure Access Service Edge, represents an architectural framework that seamlessly integrates networking and security functions into a unified cloud-based service. It provides organisations with a comprehensive and holistic approach to securing their network infrastructure while ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal user experiences.

Achieving the Cisco Secure Access Service Edge Solution Specialisation signifies that partners have met stringent requirements and demonstrated exceptional proficiency in delivering and supporting Cisco’s SASE solutions. As specialists in this cutting-edge framework, we possess in-depth knowledge and expertise to architect, implement, and manage SASE solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers.

Collaboration SaaS specialisation

This certification program focuses on recognising and validating the expertise of partners in delivering and managing Cisco’s collaboration solutions as cloud-based services.

The Cisco Collaboration SaaS specialisation signifies that partners have met rigorous requirements and demonstrated exceptional proficiency in deploying, managing, and supporting Cisco’s collaboration tools and applications within a cloud-based environment. These collaborative solutions encompass advanced technologies such as Cisco Webex, Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cloud, Cisco Webex Calling, and Cisco Webex Contact Center.

As a Cisco Collaboration SaaS specialist, we prioritise empowering our customers with seamless collaboration experiences. By leveraging our expertise, we ensure the successful deployment and management of Cisco’s collaboration solutions in the cloud, enabling organisations to enhance productivity, streamline communication, and foster effective teamwork.

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Environmental sustainability specialization

Cisco Certification

The Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization is a testament to the partners of Cisco on their dedication to sustainability, and it allows partners to join the movement. By earning this specialization, partners gain the knowledge and expertise to support customers better through tailored lifecycle management processes.

To earn the specialization, partners must fulfil specific role requirements, which include the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Expert (CES-Expert) and the Environmental Sustainability Practice Advocate (EPSA) roles. These roles assess a candidate’s understanding of sustainability principles, Cisco’s sustainability practices, and building sustainable practices within the organization.

In the 21st century, environmental sustainability is a paramount concern. The Environmental Sustainability Specialization empowers Cisco Partners to address this critical issue. By offering eco-friendly solutions, Cisco and its partners play an active role in helping customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Customer Experience Specialization

The CX Specialization program acknowledges and authenticates the expertise of Cisco partners in delivering extraordinary customer experiences utilising Cisco technologies and solutions.

Upon achieving the Cisco CX Specialization, partners showcase their ability to meet rigorous requirements and exhibit exceptional proficiency in providing top-notch customer experiences at every stage of the Cisco solutions lifecycle. This specialisation entails demonstrating profound expertise in crucial areas like customer success planning, adoption and expansion strategies, technical support, and continual customer relationship management.

As a Customer Experience Specialist, we strive to exceed expectations by offering comprehensive support, tailored solutions, and seamless experiences. We ensure that our customers derive maximum value from Cisco technologies, resulting in long-term success and satisfaction.

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Cisco Select Provider

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The Cisco Select Provider status is a testament to a partner’s commitment to excellence. It signifies that we have met specific requirements and demonstrated exceptional proficiency in selling, deploying, and supporting Cisco’s comprehensive range of products and solutions. This designation is typically awarded to partners who specialise in serving the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market segment.

By achieving the Cisco Select Provider status, partners showcase dedication to serving the unique technology needs of SMB customers. It exemplifies their ability to effectively deliver Cisco’s solutions, ensuring that SMBs have access to cutting-edge technology that empowers their growth and success.

Hybrid work from office solution specialization

Hybrid work from office solution specialization is designed to recognise Cisco partners for their skills and experience in helping customers evolve traditional on-site and off-site work models. Partners must demonstrate that their solutions power hybrid work and enable people to work safely and securely from home, the office, or any other location.

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Premier integrator

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As a Premier Integrator, a partner gains several benefits and privileges, including:

Access to Cisco’s extensive partner resources, training, and support.

Premier Integrators receive priority access to Cisco’s technical resources, training programs, and support services, enabling them to stay up-to-date with the latest Cisco technologies and offerings.