Powering Collaborative Efficiency: Revolutionising Incident Management and Boardroom Experience for a Leading Electricity Infrastructure Company3 min read

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ISDM, a renowned audio-visual solutions provider, was approached by a major electricity infrastructure company in Northern Ireland to design and install a multipurpose incident centre and flagship boardroom. The objective was to create state-of-the-art spaces that seamlessly integrate the latest audio-visual technologies with the company’s existing Poly infrastructure running Zoom Rooms. This case study outlines the challenges faced, the innovative solutions implemented by ISDM, and the positive results achieved for our customers.

The Challenge:

When our customers approached us, they expressed the need for a versatile incident centre and a flagship boardroom to amplify their incident management capabilities and streamline decision-making processes. We encountered two primary challenges:

Tailored Requirements: The incident room had to be carefully designed to meet the unique needs of key decision-makers, empowering them to strategise and resolve power outages and other critical issues across the region.

Seamless Integration: Our audio-visual solution had to seamlessly integrate with the company’s existing Poly infrastructure, specifically the Zoom Rooms setup, ensuring compatibility and user-friendliness.

The Solution:

With our customer’s objectives in mind, we embarked on a collaborative journey, working closely with them to develop a customised audio-visual solution. Let’s explore the specific solutions we implemented for the incident centre and flagship boardroom:

Incident Room Solution:

The incident room served as the headquarters for incident management and decision-making, especially during the storm season. ISDM designed a sleek triple-screen setup, incorporating a matrix switcher and a Poly X Series video conferencing system. The table featured three HDMI inputs, allowing users to present content on any or all screens, creating a flexible local meeting room.

At the click of a button on the touch panel, the system is transformed into a video conferencing room; users can send content from their device into the call using any of the three HDMI inputs. An OE Electrics Pixel is installed at each corner of the table, which provides users with convenient access to a UK power outlet, a USB-C and USB-A port, to keep all their mobile devices charged during those long incident P1 situations.

ISDM collaboration Room

Flagship Boardroom Solution:

The largest meeting space across the customer’s regional estate, the flagship boardroom aimed to provide a flawless collaborative experience with cutting-edge audio-visual technology. We installed an 86″ display as the centrepiece, complemented by two 55″ repeater screens suspended from the ceiling on each side of the boardroom table. Eight powerful pendant speakers and two table microphones ensured excellent audio coverage throughout the room.

The entire space was intelligently controlled through the intuitive Poly TC8 touch panel located at the centre of the desk. This consistent control panel was implemented in all meeting rooms across the estate, ensuring a user-friendly and familiar experience for all participants.

At a later stage, our customer opted for OE Pixels to be installed along the length of the table, creating a unified experience between the incident room and providing convenient power outlets for all users’ portable devices.

ISDM Boardrooms

The Result:

The collaboration between ISDM and our customer resulted in a successful implementation of the incident centre and flagship boardroom. Let’s explore the key outcomes and benefits achieved:

Enhanced Incident Management: The incident room provided a centralised and well-equipped space for key decision-makers to discuss and plan strategies, improving the company’s ability to address power dropouts and other issues promptly.

Seamless Collaboration: The flagship boardroom’s advanced audio-visual technologies, including the large displays, pendant speakers, and table microphones, facilitated seamless and productive meetings, ensuring a high-quality meeting experience for all participants.

Enhanced User Experience: The uniformity of Poly TC8 touch panels across all meeting rooms created a consistent and user-friendly experience for employees, minimising the learning curve and increasing productivity.

Remote Support and Monitoring: ISDM’s remote and on-site support, coupled with daily monitoring, enabled proactive issue detection and resolution, minimising downtime and ensuring a reliable collaboration environment.

In conclusion, the collaboration between ISDM and our valued customer resulted in successfully designing and installing a multipurpose incident centre and flagship boardroom. Our customised audio-visual solutions seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure, fostering enhanced collaboration and incident management capabilities. We take immense pride in supporting our customer’s commitment to delivering reliable and sustainable energy, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be part of their success story.

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