Wifi 6 Webinar: Catch-up2 min read

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If you missed it, you can now catch-up on our webinar from Wednesday 21st April, to learn how Wi-Fi 6 can achieve speeds up to 4 times faster than previous Wi-Fi standards, improving the user experience and performance of bandwidth-hungry apps like voice, video, and collaboration.

2021 will see us begin to move into a professional working culture that has been transformed by the unprecedented events of the past year. One key change will likely be a move towards a more ‘hybrid’ working model. One study by communication platform Slack (who saw massive growth as a result of the changes to work-life) revealed that, of 4,700 questioned knowledge workers, Only 12% want to return to full-time office work, and 72% want a hybrid remote-office model moving forward.

While the benefits of home-working have been exposed, we are all aware of the shortfalls and the majority want to make the best of both worlds. We’ll be working from home on our laptops, getting things done around the house on our breaks and making the most our newly-learned baking skills at lunch one day. The next, we’ll be bringing our laptops to the office, and wearing something a little smarter than pyjama bottoms and slippers on our bottom half. This begs the question; are your wireless networks still fit for purpose?

Wi-Fi 6 will build on the success of 802.11ac. It will let access points support more clients in dense environments and will provide a better experience for typical wireless LAN networks. It will also provide a more predictable performance for advanced applications such as 4K or 8K video, high-density high-definition collaboration apps, all-wireless offices, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Wi-Fi 6 will drive Wi-Fi toward the future as the growth of wireless continues.

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