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ResMed, a global leader in healthcare solutions, is transitioning its Halifax facility to a new building. This move requires a comprehensive technology upgrade to align with modern standards. ISDM has been a trusted technology partner for ResMed since 2019, having already provided innovative solutions across various locations, including the San Diego headquarters and the Atlanta operations site.

For the Halifax relocation, ISDM collaborated closely with ResMed’s teams to develop a technology blueprint that mirrors successful implementations at other sites while integrating advanced features.


In this case study, we explore ISDM’s strategic deployment of the technological solutions at ResMed’s new Halifax office. Tasked with the challenge of creating a unified and advanced technological environment to enhance collaboration and productivity, ISDM delivered a bespoke technology ecosystem. The solution spanned from individual focus rooms to large town hall spaces, featuring a mix of meeting rooms, collaboration areas, and innovative environments, all equipped with streamlined audio-visual and conferencing technology. This holistic approach not only aligned with ResMed’s operational needs but also ensured a seamless and efficient user experience across various spaces. Through careful planning and execution, ISDM transformed ResMed’s Halifax site into a model of modern workplace design, supporting diverse workstyles and fostering enhanced communication and collaboration.


The Challenge

The relocation presented a multifaceted challenge: to equip the new Halifax site with a streamlined technology setup that not only matched the functionality of ResMed’s other locations for a better user experience but also incorporated new technological advancements to enhance productivity and collaboration. The project required a clear understanding of ResMed’s operational needs, ensuring that each space within the office was optimized for its intended use, from individual focus rooms to expansive town hall spaces.

The Solution

ISDM’s solution was a meticulously designed technology ecosystem tailored to the diverse requirements of ResMed’s new Halifax office.

An overview of the full audio-visual and conferencing technologies included in the scope is outlined below:

  • 10 x Focus rooms with 32” display and conference camera
  • 5 x Small Teams/VC-enabled conference rooms
  • 2 x Medium Teams/VC-enabled conference rooms
  • 1 x Large Teams/VC-enabled conference room
  • 1 x Mobile VC enabled display to serve 4 x Team Project Spaces
  • 2 x Open collaboration spaces for local wireless presentation
  • 3 x Innovation Rooms with platform agnostic conferencing, dual-screen (one fully interactive), plus enhanced audio for flexible operation
  • 1 x Extra-large (20 person) Teams/VC enabled reconfigurable conference room
  • 1 x Town Hall space for both local and video-enabled events, with dual camera to capture both audience and presenter (and digital signage when not in Event mode)
  • 6 x Digital Signage displays throughout the site
  • Discreet, zone-managed sound masking system throughout the site
  • Room booking system with external touch panels covering conference rooms

Focus Rooms (10 rooms):

Equipped with Poly R30 devices for conferencing, 32” displays for video, and integrated audio solutions, these rooms were designed for 1-2 person meetings, enabling plug-and-play connectivity and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capabilities, allowing users to integrate their personal devices with the room’s technology effortlessly.

This Focus Room solution aligns with the need for modern, user-centric spaces that support individual productivity and small-group collaboration. It integrates updated technology to enhance communication and work efficiency.

The Small Meeting Room (5 Rooms)

The Small Meeting Room, which accommodates 4-6 participants, is tailored to ResMed’s standard specifications and enhances collaboration through audiovisual technology.

This Small Meeting Room setup provides a sophisticated, user-friendly environment for effective team collaboration, leveraging technology to facilitate seamless communication and content sharing in a professional setting.

The Medium Room (2 Rooms)

The Medium Room solution accommodates 6-10 individuals, aligning with ResMed’s standard for hardware and functionality, designed to facilitate efficient and interactive meetings. This setup includes a Poly Studio X50 for Teams conferencing, featuring a built-in camera that offers a 120-degree field of view, speaker tracking, and auto-framing to ensure all participants are visible and engaged during meetings. This technology setup enhances collaborative experiences, enabling seamless content sharing and providing a high-quality audio-visual environment for medium-sized groups.

Large Meeting Room

The Large Room solution is crafted to accommodate 16-20 participants, adhering to ResMed’s standard hardware specifications to ensure a robust and interactive meeting environment. This configuration employs a Poly Studio X70, optimized for Teams conferencing, which includes a camera with a 120-degree field of view. This feature, coupled with speaker tracking and auto-framing capabilities, guarantees that all participants are visible and actively engaged during the session. The system is designed to facilitate effective large-group collaborations, enabling smooth content sharing and delivering a high-quality conferencing experience.

ISDM large meeting room with logo on screen above a large conference table and chairs

Team Project Rooms (4 Rooms)

The Team Project Rooms setup, designed for dynamic and collaborative team environments, features a portable 65” display paired with a Poly X50 and touch panel, serving four distinct team project spaces.

This versatile solution ensures that each room can host effective Team conferencing sessions. The Poly X50 provides video and audio capabilities with its built-in camera, microphone array, and speakers, supporting high-quality video capture, clear audio pickup, and crisp playback. Wireless content sharing is facilitated through Teams, offering convenience and flexibility. The touch panel enables intuitive control over the conferencing system, making it user-friendly for participants to manage their meetings and presentations. This mobile and integrated technology approach allows for efficient resource utilization across multiple team project areas.

Open Collaboration spaces (2 Locations)

The Open Collaboration spaces are designed for 4-person informal meetings and collaborative work, focusing on simplicity and flexibility. These areas are equipped with a 55” display mounted on a mobile trolley, facilitating movement and reconfiguration according to the needs of the team. While video conferencing capabilities are not included, the emphasis is on wireless presentation sharing to enhance group interaction and productivity.

Once sharing is initiated, the board’s touch interface becomes the control hub, enabling users to interact directly with the content they share or discuss. This setup encourages dynamic and engaging teamwork in a casual setting.

Innovation Rooms (3 Rooms)

The Innovation Rooms are BYOD-enabled spaces designed to foster creativity and collaboration and accommodate various interactive and content-sharing needs. They are equipped with dual 65” displays, one interactive and the other non-interactive, to cater to different presentation and engagement styles.

This setup promotes innovation by creating a versatile and dynamic environment for brainstorming, presenting, and collaborating.

Extra Large Meeting Room

The Extra Large Meeting Room is tailored for 20 participants. It is equipped with videoconferencing technology, including a Poly G7500 codec and E70 camera, ensuring effective speaker tracking and participant framing. Dual 98” displays offer expansive viewing for video conferencing and content sharing. Room controls are centralized via a Poly touch panel, configured for Teams, simplifying the management of calls, presentations, and audio settings, thus facilitating a seamless and interactive meeting experience.

Town Hall Space/Cafe

The Town Hall/Cafe area is designed as an adaptable open space for local gatherings and video conferencing, integrating advanced technology for effective communication and presentation. It features a Poly G7500 codec, which is powered by dedicated signage players’. It enhances video conferencing with a Poly E70 camera equipped with auto-framing and speaker tracking, which is ideal for capturing large groups. An additional E70 camera is a dedicated presenter camera, with ceiling installation offering versatile viewing angles. The main visual focus is a 133” ceiling-recessed projection screen, complemented by two 55” displays on adjacent pillars, supporting picture-in-picture content sharing and enabling separate displays of video and presentation material. These displays also double as digital signage points when not used for meetings.

Digital Signage (6 Locations)

The Digital Signage setup across six locations, including the café area, features 55” displays powered by dedicated signage players. These displays, powered by dedicated signage players, are tasked with showcasing various content, enhancing communication and atmosphere within the spaces. Audio output is available through the displays’ internal speakers, offering an optional audio component to the visual content. The displays can be programmed to power on and off at specific times, aligning with business hours or event schedules for operational efficiency.

Room Booking

The Room Booking system is designed to streamline the reservation and scheduling process for various meeting spaces within the facility, including Offices, Small to extra-large meeting rooms, Team Project Rooms, and Innovation Rooms. Users can easily book rooms directly at the panel site using the Poly scheduling panels. These panels are versatile and capable of integrating with a room’s video system or operating in standalone mode for spaces without video systems.

This system facilitates effective space management and enhances user experience by providing a straightforward and accessible means to reserve rooms for various functions and meetings.

The Result

The technological transformation at ResMed’s Halifax office resulted in a workspace that fosters collaboration and enhances communication efficiency. The advanced setup across different rooms and spaces supports various activities, from focused individual work to large-scale presentations and events.

ISDM’s comprehensive approach ensured that the technology not only aligned with ResMed’s operational standards but also offered scalability and flexibility for future needs. This case study exemplifies how ISDM’s expertise and collaborative approach can create dynamic, future-ready office spaces that propel organizations like ResMed towards their operational and strategic objectives.



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