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Interoperability has always been a key focus for Pexip, and in recent months, they have announced significant updates to their product portfolio. These updates are set to enhance the user experience and extend the capabilities of their offerings. In this blog post, we will explore two major updates: the V32 Pexip Teams Connector and the partnership between Pexip and Poly, which promises to deliver an even more comprehensive and integrated video collaboration solution.

V32 Pexip Teams Connector: Enabling SIP Guest Join Using Pexip CVI

Cloud Video Interop (CVI) services have been widely adopted over the past few years, allowing organisations to include SIP dial-in options for Microsoft Teams meetings. However, a common challenge customers face using CVI connectors is the inability to connect SIP-based endpoints from different organisations to MS Teams meetings scheduled by another organisation.

Pexip is introducing SIP Guest Join, scheduled to roll out by the end of Q3 2023, to address this. SIP Guest Join empowers anyone within an organisation equipped with CVI capabilities to join meetings from both internal and external sources. This feature will offer familiar SIP join details while seamlessly detecting external Teams calls without CVI and providing a convenient join button on the endpoint. Initially, this functionality will be available exclusively for customers using Pexip One-Touch Join.

Teams-Like Experience: Elevating the CVI Connector

Pexip’s CVI connector has received further enhancements in the form of a Teams-like experience. This update brings a unified look and feel to the CVI connector, aligning it with the aesthetics of MS Teams calls. Themes, notifications, and layouts have been rebranded to ensure a consistent experience for users.

Moreover, when using a dual-screen system, participants will be divided across both screens, and any shared content within the call will seamlessly integrate with the selected layouts. Additionally, raised hands, a valuable feature for communication and collaboration, are now passed through the CVI connector, enabling their display on standards-based endpoints. These enhancements enable organisations to leverage Pexip’s CVI solution to extend the lifespan of their third-party video conferencing devices while offering a modern and familiar user experience, ultimately leading to increased productivity and greater usage of video meeting rooms.

Pexip/Poly Partnership: Powering Poly’s Video Services

In 2022, Poly, a leading provider of communication and collaboration solutions, was acquired by HP, expanding its reach and customer base significantly. Now, Poly/HP has announced a strategic partnership with Pexip, wherein the video service elements of the Poly platform will be powered by Pexip going forward.

This partnership brings about several key benefits. Firstly, Poly will no longer need to maintain its cloud video services as customers are transitioned over to the Pexip service. Secondly, Pexip gains access to a vast pool of video users who may express interest in adopting additional elements of the Pexip service. The collaboration between Pexip and Poly manifests in a set of enhanced services, summarised below:

Poly PrivateConnect powered by Pexip:

This video technology platform delivers a unified meeting experience with flexibility and scalability while upholding stringent security protocols. Customers can operate within their private cloud tenant or on-premises and seamlessly connect to Microsoft Teams or Google Meet through interoperability modules. The platform offers extensive customisation and integration options.

Poly CloudConnect powered by Pexip:

This solution offers industry-leading multiplatform interoperability for Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, enabling users to operate their entire video conferencing environment on a modern cloud platform. The focus is on delivering an exceptional end-user experience, along with simplified management and control.

Poly FedConnect powered by Pexip:

Designed specifically for U.S. federal, state, and local government organisations, this FedRAMP®-Authorized SaaS-based video conferencing solution allows secure participation in Microsoft Teams calls from standards-based video systems within a compliant cloud environment.

The partnership between Poly and Pexip brings forth enhanced solutions that combine the strengths of their respective product portfolios. Customers can expect improved performance, both in terms of quality and capabilities, while partners and integrators will benefit from a comprehensive and flexible product and solution portfolio that meets diverse customer requirements.


Pexip continues prioritising interoperability and has introduced major updates to its product set, including the V32 Pexip Teams Connector and a strategic partnership with Poly. These updates empower organisations to seamlessly connect SIP-based endpoints to MS Teams meetings and deliver a Teams-like experience within the Pexip CVI connector. Collaborating with Poly amplifies the video collaboration capabilities, offering customers enhanced solutions and a more comprehensive product portfolio. With these updates, Pexip reinforces its commitment to enabling seamless collaboration and delivering optimal user experiences in the ever-evolving landscape of video communication and collaboration.

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