Framework Agreement – South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA)2 min read

ISDM provides IT network support services to aid in the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority’s Digital Strategy.

Client Overview

The South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) shapes policy and leads decision-making on transport, adult education, and other county-wide areas. Its constituent members are the Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, and Doncaster councils.

The Challenge

SYMCA is an ambitious organisation committed to promoting the growth of South Yorkshire’s economy. To achieve this, it recognises the need to advance its digital capabilities. SYMCA has appointed ISDM as its network services supplier to support this transition.

As with many organisations, SYMCA is in a digital transition and needs to push for technology to support the needs of SYMCA users while ensuring security and compliance. To aid with this journey, SYMCA released a tender in 2020 for a Framework Agreement comprising IT support and consultancy services for the SYMCA network.

The Solution

ISDM provides a full hardware and software support service across the entire SYMCA network infrastructure for both wired and wireless connectivity. This service includes:

  • Proactive Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of network devices to preempt issues.
  • Bandwidth Analysis: Ensuring optimal network performance.
  • Configuration Backup: Regular backups to prevent data loss.
  • Technical Services: Handling additions, moves, and changes seamlessly.

In addition to network support, ISDM is involved in the multi-faceted security architecture for SYMCA, providing:

  • Cloud-based DNS security services
  • Remote worker security policy enforcement
  • User authentication & authorisation
  • DDoS protection services
  • Content filtering & DNS security for public WiFi provision

The above solutions were provided using Cisco, Meraki & Radware hardware and software solutions.


The partnership between SYMCA and ISDM has yielded numerous benefits:

  • Comprehensive Support: All hardware is covered by manufacturers’ support and ISDM’s support contract.
  • Enhanced Communication: Improved efficiency and communication across departments.
  • Secure Onboarding: Simplified and secure onboarding of new services.


“For the past four years, ISDM has partnered with SYMCA to enhance the corporate network and introduce innovative technology solutions that support South Yorkshire’s economic growth. This collaboration is part of SYMCA’s strategy to promote sustainability and drive regional innovation. Recognising the importance of a strong digital infrastructure, SYMCA has worked to improve its digital capabilities to attract and support businesses.

ISDM’s expertise has been key in providing modern IT and collaboration technologies, improving internal operations and enhancing regional connectivity. These advancements make South Yorkshire more appealing to innovative enterprises.

By using ISDM’s solutions, SYMCA has fostered a more dynamic and resilient economic environment. The focus on sustainability ensures these technological improvements benefit both the current economy and future development. This partnership highlights the importance of strategic collaborations in achieving regional growth. Together, ISDM and SYMCA are building a thriving digital economy in South Yorkshire, marked by innovation and sustainability.”. Nick Brailsford, Assistant Director, Digital & Technology Services.

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