UMA is a Hybrid Workplace Software as a Service (SaaS) built in response to the need for workplaces to digitally transform and improve user experiences, collaboration, reduce real estate costs and carbon footprint and drive operational efficiency using technology and enhanced business intelligence.

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UMA Solutions

UMA is a room/desk/resource booking facilities management tool that can help you overhaul how you manage your buildings. This cloud-based web and mobile application can be deployed with relative ease across large and small organisations.

The global challenges organisations face: How to support their flexible and hybrid workplace strategies with technology? Software for facilities, IT and employee end-users needs to be intuitive and easy to use. Analytics need to have meaning, and the data sources presented in a way to ensure actionable insight can be derived to ensure every square meter of workplace real-estate is being maximised for efficiency.

UMA allows for the management of rooms, desks and other resources, such as lockers and car parking spaces, with a high-quality, human-centred, user-friendly interface. Help users to book and manage their resources easily and put Facilities Teams in control of workspaces by providing them with real-time data-driven insight and trend analysis. UMA works for everyone.

UMA and ISDM Solutions work within industries from healthcare, finance, pharma, and even Premier League football clubs to help optimise working spaces.

A complex understanding of how to manage occupancy within these spaces is critical to allocating funding and providing services.

Many workplaces are deploying hybrid working to ensure safe and healthy work environments; managing occupancy post-pandemic has become even more important.

UMA provides a software solution that pulls real-time accurate occupancy data from privacy-first sensors not connected to the corporate network and delivers data into an easy-to-read reporting dashboard.

The combination of smart sensors with Uma’s leading-edge software has allowed organisations to monitor workplace utilisation easily and create a more efficient working environment.

UMA also comes with a powerful backend called UMA Vision, allowing customers to view detailed reporting about how resources are consumed both live and historically.

UMA provides a clear and continuous picture of where, how and when a space is being used, moving away from responsive and reactive management into the future of informed decision-making guided by data.

In addition, UMA and ISDM provide indoor environment monitoring by integrating CO2 sensors into UMA’s NetZero solution that can help to improve wellness and productivity.

Smart technology could present big benefits for workspaces by enabling tracking and monitoring of occupancy and air quality.

Based on positive feedback from initial deployments, UMA are actively looking at expanding the occupancy monitoring system to new sites and use cases.

ISDM Solutions are a leading technology collaboration and resource management company. Talk to us about how we can revolutionise how you manage resources through UMA, a cloud-based resource management platform designed to work on mobile and desktop that works right out of the box. Backed by trusted solutions providers, contact us now to see how UMA could work for you.


UMA Resource Scheduling

Provides a privacy-first digital assistant enabling simple meeting room and desk booking using natural conversational AI chatbot and voice control in addition to providing clear meeting space display panels showing real-time occupancy.

UMA simplifies meeting room booking through a digital interactive Floormap, User and natural language interface available on the mobile app and in business chat services such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex.

UMA Integrations

UMA integrates with workplace calendars and existing and new workplace technology including audio-visual and video collaboration tools. UMA also connects Internet of Things (IoT) sensors for occupancy and environmental metrics.

UMA desk and room sensors monitor real-time people occupancy and delivers business intelligence to understand utilisation and ensure safety in the workplace.

People Count sensors drive improved insight into room and space utilisation vs capacity, optimal location, sizing, equipment, supporting health & safety compliance and facility requirements.

UMA Vision

The UMA Vision dadshboard is the single pane-of-glass interface that empowers businesses to understand how the workplace is utilised, connecting Office 365, Google Workplace or 3rd Party calendars combined with sensor data delivers the business intelligence needed by IT and Facilities Teams to adapt to changes in the workplace.

Linking occupancy data from Audio Visual equipment and IoT sensors the UMA Vision Platform helps to reduce operational costs such as Cleaning or Catering and reduce carbon footprint by automatically powering down devices, lighting or air-conditioning.


UMA can help redefine workplace culture through the use of technology and deliver actionable insight on how the workforce collaborates in your real estate as new hybrid workplace practices are adopted. UMA can help to make your workplace smarter, healthier and more productive.

Cloud Based

UMA is a cloud based platform, and does not require any complicated on site infrastructure to run requiring users to use single-sign-on to access information keeping information secure.

Use on Browser or Mobile

UMA allows users to book resources from the web browser or native IOS or Android mobile applications. Users can use voice or text and browse for available resources using list or interactive floormap interfaces.

UMA Visitor Management

UMA Visitor Management monitors and manages external visitors in your workspace using real time occupancy data on a desktop or a mobile application. The arrival experience will be improved by email push notifications for both visitors and hosts, virtual reception provided with touchscreen or touchless sign-in using a kiosk or a mobile device.


UMA grows as you do, UMA is fully scalable and can flex and grow as your estate does.


UMA contains Vision a powerful backend platform that allows you to generate bespoke reports about how resources are being consumed.


UMA can pair with sensors or collaboration endpoints to provide live data about usage, and facilitates auto book or room/desk release in the event of walk-in or a no-show.