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MS Teams rooms are perfect for companies who live and breathe the Microsoft Universe, and are predominantly Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams users. Microsoft Teams rooms can be modular, and a leading number of manufacturers are capitalising on the lucrative nature of this already well-established platform.

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Microsoft Teams


If your company is primarily a Microsoft Teams House, the solution bolts on to your existing Microsoft instance with relative ease.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration solution that many will already be familiar with. Many users are familiar with Skype for Business and will know with the look and feel of the platform.

  • Screen Sharing
  • Dial in remote participants over video
  • Annotate Content
  • Join natively using teams
  • Control Room using the in-room touch panel


The Microsoft Teams boardroom is a highly functional solution that encompasses two large 75-inch displays, all controlled through a Crestron 10.1-inch Touch panel. Table top microphones, and discreet ceiling speakers, allow for the seamless capture and reproduction of audio within the space.

Content is shared wirelessly through the Microsoft Teams platform. The camera is built to cover large rooms, and is capable of capturing imagery in 1080p, and has a smooth pan tilt zoom, to ensure that everything within the room can be captured.

Meeting Room

Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms are designed to be highly functional and ensure that the meeting room experience that you enjoy from a phone or desktop system, can be enjoyed within a meeting room.

As Skype for Business is phased out in favour of Microsoft Teams meeting rooms, these rooms are a common choice for those who are making the switch. The Crestron codec and touch panel work together to give a sleek unified way to control meetings.

Huddle Room

The MS Teams huddle space is purpose built to allow meetings of up to 4 people. The huddle space is a great way to get things done on short notice.

The MS Teams huddle space is a worthy addition to the Microsoft collaboration environment. The Logitech Touch panel and Codec work together, to ensure a seamless and efficient way to join meetings.

Interactive Room

The Microsoft Surface hub, offers a Windows style collaboration experience, this large screen display, offers a digital canvas of varying sizes, that is purpose built to be a hands on collaboration extension of the your Microsoft teams environment.

With the 4K surface hub camera, 4K+ resolution screen and crystal-clear speakers, the Surface Hub offers an all-in-one solution for your collaboration estate.

UMA Room Booking

UMA Book is a cloud-based meeting room management system, that removes the need for costly on-premise infrastructure. The intuitive UMA application (Android and iOS) works seamlessly with the bespoke UMA room booking panels, for a rapid out of the box deployment.

UMA Vision provides room administrators or facilities management analytical data, to help them see how rooms are being used, and more importantly, if resources are capable of meeting demand.