What is Cisco SecureX?

Cisco SecureX is a platform that provides a unified and integrated security experience across Cisco’s security portfolio. The platform aims to simplify security operations, automate workflows and provide a consistent user experience across different security products. It also allows correlating threats across the network, endpoints, cloud, and applications and automating incident response actions.

Cisco Secure X

Cisco Secure X provides a single pane of a glass management platform which simplifies security operations by providing a unified and integrated security experience across Cisco’s security portfolio. It allows organisations to manage and monitor Cisco’s security products from a single console and to correlate threat intelligence across multiple security layers. Provided free of charge with any Cisco Secure product purchase, Cisco Secure X delivers unified visibility, intuitive automation and robust security for your entire security portfolio – should we say this?

With SecureX, you can automate routine tasks using prebuilt workflows tailored to everyday use cases. You also have the flexibility to create your own workflows using a user-friendly drag-and-drop canvas.

When it comes to threat response, SecureX enables you to detect, respond, and recover faster. It provides superior insights and contextual information, allowing you to accelerate threat investigations and incident management. By gathering and correlating global intelligence in a single view, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the threats you’re facing.

SecureX also offers device insights, giving you a comprehensive inventory of your devices. It provides contextual awareness to help identify gaps in coverage and simplify security investigations.The platform’s dashboard ribbon provides quick access to SecureX features, enhancing the ease of use and efficiency. SecureX’s single sign-on capability also allows you to share and maintain incident context in one centralised location.

Overall, SecureX is a powerful and integrated platform that empowers you to streamline security operations, automate tasks, and respond effectively to threats.