Collaboration solutions will play a crucial role in the future of business, helping teams work together more effectively and efficiently, regardless of location.

Today more than ever, online collaboration is at the centre of our working life.
Video collaboration solutions are the heart of the modern workplace as home offices boom, and employees can work from anywhere.

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Why should you integrate Collaboration Solutions?

Collaborative solutions can benefit businesses in a number of ways, both now and in the future. Some of the main benefits include:

Improved communication: Collaborative solutions can help facilitate communication between employees, clients, and stakeholders, regardless of location. This can be especially useful for companies with a dispersed workforce, as it allows for real-time collaboration and decision-making.

Enhanced productivity: Collaborative solutions can help streamline communication and decision-making processes, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Better customer experience: Collaborative solutions can improve the customer experience by enabling businesses to deliver high-quality, engaging presentations and demonstrations.

Cost savings: Collaborative AV solutions can help businesses save money on travel costs, as they allow employees to participate in meetings and events remotely.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing Solutions

Whether your business is at the start of its collaboration journey, or you are looking to upgrade a legacy on-premise system to a modern cloud based system, ISDM recommend finding a user centric solution.

You may be looking at the latest Webex Devices, Zoom rooms or Microsoft Teams Rooms. Whichever vendor you are considering ISDM can provide guidance that will ensure you are selecting the right equipment for your business

The world is embracing remote work. Are your meeting spaces equipped to provide an intuitive, reliable, hybrid methodology?

Our Video Conferencing Offer

Our Video Conferencing Offer

When it comes to picking the right video conferencing solution for you, there’s no right or wrong. Want to transform existing space into a huddle room, meeting room, boardroom or interactive room?

Embrace the Hybrid Workplace

In recent years the average employee has seen a major increase in the number of video conferences they attend. Zoom, Webex and MS Teams are familiar systems now with users adopting a variety of feature rich video clients while working from home. It is now essential that a company’s meeting room technologies are not left behind, users expect that same feature rich experience when working from the office.

A animation of two Microsoft teams rooms connecting, with red animated characters in each room, with lines to show the connection through the Microsoft collaboration equipment in each room, made up by screens mounted to the wall, control panel, laptops, microphones and speakers

Learn how these types of rooms can facilitate engaging, interactive meetings:

Collaboration Solutions to empower meeting equality

Collaboration Solutions to empower meeting equality ISDM’s Collaboration and Audio Visual Solutions aim is to empower meeting equality in the hybrid workplace, giving all users the same experience from anywhere.

In todays modern workforce, the meetings will usually be comprised of both in-office and remote participants; providing meeting equality for all participants should be the aim of any collaboration and AV Solution. Lack of meeting equality can cause reduced employee engagement and lost productivity.

However, with the correct collaboration and AV solution technology, the ideal meeting solution would make all participants feel like they are sitting in the same room.

Young man having Zoom video call via a computer in the home office. Stay at home and work from home concept during Coronavirus pandemic.